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We’ve got an awesome IRC Channel now (irc://

#Kametsu @

You can connect to it below, but it’s really recommended to actually get an IRC Client such as XChat-WDK, mIRC, or Chatzilla to take advantage of the various features IRC has to offer such as downloading.

If the frame above doesn’t work for you then try Xertion’s Webchat.

To download you must have an IRC client such as XChat-WDK or Chatzilla and be connected to our IRC Channel listed above. Mibbit or other web-based IRC connections will not let you download. We have a tutorial on how to download through your IRC client here. Also check out our IRC tutorial index here.

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  1. Liam says:

    hi guys just wondering i downloaded soul eater from your irc channel and all i got was the credits so all im asking is why

  2. witchyezz says:

    I can’t get to the tutorial. It says the web page can’t be displayed so I can’t get to Bleach. Help please.

  3. Johnface says:

    Is there any way to tell if a file isn’t dual audio if it’s not stated in the title? Because I’ve noticed a lot of them don’t have [Dual Audio] in the title. Thanks.

    • Koby says:

      Not really, just note that at least with the bots I own, I keep them separated. Everything on [Kametsu]Xide is guaranteed dual-audio except for a few things that are dubbed only but will be moved soon.

  4. jaischith says:

    in hex-chat which network list and channel do i choose

    • Koby says:

      As shown, you’ll need to add the network ( or and the channel is #Kametsu
      There is links to tutorials that have been posted on the community forums.

  5. Az89 says:

    Yeah, I’m having trouble getting my XChat to work again. It was working & would auto connect me as soon as I’d bring it up but now I just keep getting — “Unknown host. Maybe you misspelled it?” Plus the forum keeps denying me access to certain things now? I can’t get to the Anime Downloads Index page now, so I’m guessing that moved or was taken down?

    • Koby says:

      You shouldn’t be having any issues with XChat, no one else seems to be. When was the last time you tried connecting? If it still isn’t working, try adding to the server list.

      As for the forum, it was converted from vB to IPB, which means page naming schemes have changed, therefore you’ll need to go to the home page of the forum. Also because of this, the Index thread now linked to non-existent links so the Index has been removed for now. As always though the Index has NEVER been completely listing every single thread and we’ve always suggested viewing the individual sections and/or using the Search feature to find what you want. We’ll work on fixing the Index list back up, but that’s a lot of time consuming work and we’ve still got a huge backlist of work to do with little free time in which to do it in.

  6. Anubias says:

    Can someone please help me when i go to irc:// it tells me that The webpage cannot be displayed is there anyway i can fix that so i can download episodes?

    • Koby says:

      You don’t go to it like a web-page, you use an IRC client (program). The easiest method has already been explained in the tutorials posted and linked. Please read them.

      • Hawkester says:

        I fixed the links to the forum threads at the below the IRC

        • Anubias says:

          I dont get how to do it i copy and paste the link into the irc channel but its telling me its pending but nothing happens then it shuts down on me what do it do i cant find out anywhere

          • Koby says:

            What are you pasting? Also, do note, we’ve stated you must have an IRC client connected to the channel. Using the webIRC above does not allow you to download.

  7. Flapy says:

    i’ve been using irc to download animes for a while i just wonder that is there a way to request more than one file at the same time

    • Hawkester says:

      You can only request one file from each bot at a time, which basically you could have 3 going at the same time but only one from [Kametsu]Xide for example.

    • Koby says:

      You can batch request.

      The normal command is something like “/msg BOTNAME xdcc send 304″ where 304 is the pack number of the file you want.

      You can change “send” to “batch” and tack on “-356″ to the end to grab all files from pack number 304 to 356.

      Example: /msg BOTNAME xdcc batch 304-356

      It’ll queue up all those files and automatically download them whenever it finishes the one before.

  8. TeapotKing says:

    Where have the pages for Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX gone? After all that Megaupload trouble you only uploaded the first 2 and a half seasons of Yugioh and the first season of GX, will you be uploading the rest at any point?

    • Koby says:

      I’ll be adding them to an xdcc bot whenever I can afford the space for such a large series. As it currently stands, our monthly server bills are due in 8 days, yet we’re still short $55 from the needed donation goal.

      As for the show itself, the encoder finished all of GX that was dubbed (1-155) and has only done seasons 1-3 of the original series because he has yet to be able to afford to buy the rest of the dvds to encode from. He’s also managed to encode all of 5D’s that was dubbed, in fabulous HD 720p. There is also the first season of ZeXal to be added at some point.

  9. ArcanuraiSolaria says:

    Hey guys,
    I was just wondering if maybe you guys might have Black Butler Season 2? That and Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty?

  10. Suichi-kun. says:

    What happened to the ANIme bot?

  11. Nexus says:

    If this makes anything better, RapidShare went back to full speed downloading :)

  12. Demon says:

    I am looking for Season 4-5 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s not sure if these were dubbed. Also the first season to Zexal.

  13. lucy says:

    how do you download clannad?

  14. Kavya says:

    well how to start download…..
    m new here and dun know nything…. ^^”

  15. Kage says:

    Hey So do you guys think you could get High school dxd or history’s strongest disciple kenichi on here.

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